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Loco Tattoo is a highly acclaimed, award-winning tattoo studio located on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Have a read of our FAQs related to how to make a booking and the information we need so that you can book your next tattoo today!

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Booking Your Next Tattoo

Our artists are in demand and often have a wait list to secure a booking with them. To secure your booking as quickly and effortlessly as possible, read through our FAQs and make note of the information we require in your booking enquiry. 

  • How old do I have to be to get a Tattoo?
    Queensland Law requires that you be 18 years or over to get a tattoo. Our studio will ask for proof of age if we suspect that a person is under 18. It is illegal to tattoo a person under 18, even if they have a parent or guardian's consent. If you book a tattoo and you ARE under the age of 18, you will be denied your appointment and will forfeit your deposit.
  • What are your operating hours?
    Loco Tattoo trades 7 days a week. Our studio manager is available from Monday to Friday from 9am-6pm and on Saturday's from 10am-5pm. Our individual artists operate as sole traders and set their own schedules. Sunday appointments are booked at the artist's discretion.
  • Where is your studio located?
    We are located in Mermaid Waters and Chevron Island. Our Mermaid Waters studio is located at Q Super Centre on the Gold Coast. You can find our studio on the outside of the main centre block, near centre management and opposite the Aldi carpark. Our address is Shop B1D, Q Super Centre, 14 Allandale Entrance, Mermaid Waters, Queensland, 4218 Our Chevron Island Studio is located on Thomas Drive, on the main strip. Address: 7/38 Thomas Drive Chevron Island Surfers Paradise Instructions on where the stair case is: The studio is upstairs and the staircase to the studio is between CAFE ALFONS on the corner and SUNSHINE BOUTIQUE HAIR SALON Phone: 0756325948 Parking instructions: Large free carpark behind the buildings on Karloo street
  • Is your studio licensed?
    Yes, we are a fully licensed studio (license number 3714878), with council approval. We hold all the relevant and required insurances and certificates that ensure we uphold and adhere to the strict QLD Government health regulations. All of our artists are professional, qualified tattoo artists who maintain Infection Control Certificates and QLD Tattoo licenses.
  • How can I contact the studio?
    You can contact the Loco Tattoo studios using the following methods: Email: Phone:(07) 55 260 033 or via DM in our socials (Please note, this may take longer to receive a response)
  • Do you ever have guest artists in your studio?
    Yes, we regularly host guest artists. Send us your portfolio and expression of interest if you are travelling and keen on working with us.
  • Do tattoos hurt?
    Yes. Tattoos can be painful, especially after a few hours. The level of pain a person experiences is dependant on their individual sensitivity, the area of the body that is being tattooed and how well they prepare for their session. Some of our artists don't mind you bringing and using numbing cream, however this is entirely up to the artist and we take no responsibility for how your tattoo heals if you choose to use numbing cream (some brands of numbing cream have been known to make your tattoo heal in a way that can discolour the ink).
  • Are tattoos safe?
    At Loco we follow strict sanitation guidelines to ensure a sterile environment. We go above and beyond industry standards and take all of the necessary safety precautions to create a safe and controlled level of hygiene and cleanliness. Provided that you are honest and forthcoming about any existing medical conditions, tattoos are perfectly safe.
  • Are there any health conditions that can restrict my ability to be tattooed? What medical history does my artist need?
    It is vital that you disclose your medical conditions and contraindications to your tattoo artist prior to your session. We will provide you with a consent form on the day of your tattoo and will list a series of related medical questions that for your own safety and wellbeing, you should answer correctly and honestly. If you have a medical condition or take any prescription medications, your artist needs to know. Prescription drugs, such as Accutane or acne medications, can make the skin hypersensitive and tattooing a client on any of these medications can lead to heightened pain and scarring. Blood thinners or medications that can thin your blood should be discussed with your doctor and artist and depending on the reason why you are taking the medication, it can impact your ability to be tattooed (particularly for longer sessions). This can also limit your healed results and will require touch up sessions.
  • Will I be turned away if I disclose my medical condition?
    As tattooists we are trained in OH&S protocols and mitigating safety risks. Confirming a health condition does not always mean that you will be turned away. We practice universal precautions in disease control to manage transference of certain diseases and in some cases, we can take extra precautions. This is for our safety and our clients. A latex allergy, for example, can be catered to by changing the style of gloves that we use while tattooing. Regardless of what the allergy or medical condition is, it is vital that you are open and honest. This is for your best interests and safety. If the medical condition is only a risk to you and not your artists, you are only hurting yourself by not disclosing it (such as with a heart condition or epilepsy). We always suggest talking to your doctor about any pre-existing medical conditions and if this will impact your ability to be tattooed. An artist has the right to refuse service to a potential client based on health conditions and if this happens, it is always for your safety and well-being.
  • Do you offer cosmetic tattooing (lips and eyebrows)?
    Our studio focuses primarily on tattooing. We do not offer other services in our studio. Our cosmetic tattooing studio, Blushed Ink Cosmetics, is a private studio in Ashmore and they are extremely talented in lip blush and eyebrow tattooing. Visit
  • Do you offer tattoo removal services?
    Our studio focuses primarily on tattooing. We do not offer other services in our studio. Our cosmetic tattoo studio, Blushed Ink Cosmetics, is a private tattoo studio in Ashmore that provides saline tattoo removal for existing cosmetic tattooing. Visit We also highly recommend Rethink Laser Removal for larger tattoo removal services. They are located in Robina and can be contact via
  • Do you do piercings?
    Our studio is a tattoo studio only. We do not perform any piercings or body modifications.
  • Is the studio accessible and wheelchair friendly?
    Yes. Our studio is accessible with a ramp and our floor layout can accomodate a wheelchair. If you are in a wheelchair and being tattooed, we ask that you disclose this with your artist at the time of your booking, so that we can ensure that we can provide the necessary accomodations.
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