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Harry is Loco's ornamental and geometric tattoo master! He is highly sought after for his crisp, clean lines and creative designs. Harry specialises in ornamental, geometric, mandala and dot work. You won't find better on the Coast!

Harry Lurks Tattoo from Loco Tattoo
Harry Lurks Tattoo
Harry Lurks portfolio piece
Harry Lurks Tattoo art
Harry Tattoo work from Loco Tattoo
Harry Tattoo artist work sample from Loco Tattoo
Harry Tattoo portfolio


Harry Lurks Tattoo

How long have you been tattooing professionally for?
I have been professionally tattooing for 8 years.

Where did you grow up? And how long have been tattooing in QLD?
I was born in New Zealand, but grew up on the Gold Coast and have been tattooing in QLD my whole career.

Did you get an apprenticeship or are you self taught?
I completed my apprenticeship in Burleigh Heads.

What is your favourite tattoo you’ve done or what style of tattooing do you prefer doing?
I have so many favourites its impossible to pick just one. I love tattooing bold line ornamental/mehndi/floral tattoos and dot work geometric/mandala pieces.

Do you practice any other art mediums besides tattooing?
Yes, I paint with ink and water colours.

What do you get up to when you aren’t tattooing?
When I’m not tattooing I am usually hanging with my family or friends, or skating.

What’s the best advice you’d give someone looking to start collecting some quality art pieces and getting coverage done?
I think you definitely need to find out what style tattoo your into, then research some artists, look at their portfolio or instagram, look at how their tattoo’s heal, and follow their procedures on how to book (if they say email only, no DM’s or fill out an enquiry form on my website) following their instructions is the best way to get tattooed.

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