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Shaun is our black and grey Japanese/oriental tattoo master. Shaun has had a lucrative career in the tattoo industry and has made a name for himself for his large-scale Japanese and black and grey designs.

Shaun Bones Tattoo work
Shaun Bones
Shaun Bones tattoo
Shaun Bones tattoo

Shaun Bones


How long have you been professionally tattooing for? 

Ten years 


Where did you grow up? And how long have you been tattooing in QLD?


I bounced around a lot grew up in Ballina till I was 17 then moved to Sydney and have now been tattooing in QLD for four years 


Did you do an apprenticeship or are you self taught??


Apprenticeship for six months till my mentor up and left and then I practiced and taught myself


What is your favourite tattoo you've done or what style of tattooing do you prefer doing?


My favourite style is Japanese as there are so many variations to that style that can be applied. As for my favourite tattoo any of my large Japanese work  


Do you practice any other art mediums besides tattooing?


Yes I love all forms or art from digital to lead pencil. Although it’s hard to find time these days with two kids...


What do you get up to when you aren't tattooing?? 


When I am not tattooing I’ll be with my kids, Kyson & Luna. I dedicate all my free time to them and making sure I give the best of myself to them. Apart from that, either surfing or kettle bell training. 


What's the best advice you'd give someone looking to start collecting some quality tattoo pieces?


Research, research, research. Don't only research the artist but the style you are wanting and having a clear idea on what you want and where. 

Shaun Bones tattoo
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