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Doddy is the studio jokester, the back piece master and co-owner of Loco Tattoo. He specialises in large scale tattoos, especially backs and full-body suits. His ability to capture the finest details and intricacies of an image is unparalleled, especially in Queensland.  Doddy's black and grey work is breath-taking and has earned him respect and recognition on an international scale,  even though he owns and wears crocs. Scroll down to learn more...

Doddy Tattooing at Loco Tattoo
Doddy tattoo portfolio back piece
Doddy tattoo portfolio back piece
Doddy tattoo portfolio back piece


Doddy tattoo

How long have you been professionally tattooing for? 


I’ve been tattooing now for 10 years, started back in 2012 


Where did you grow up? And how long have you been tattooing in QLD?


I am a born and raised Gold Coastian. I have lived almost my whole life on the Gold Coast with a smallish period living in Darwin and Queenstown. I’ve spent my entire tattooing career on the GC.


Did you do an apprenticeship or are you self taught?


I did an “apprenticeship” however it didn’t contain any structure or actual learning stages. It was more of a throw you in the deep end and hope you can swim style teaching. 


What is your favourite tattoo that you've done or what style of tattooing do you prefer doing?


I don’t have one specific tattoo that’s my favourite, but I have been lucky enough to narrow down my work to only doing large canvas pieces on customers ...whether they’re full backs or full fronts... I’m always trying to push my pieces and get that wow factor with detail and size.


Do you practice any other art mediums besides tattooing?


I spend most of my time tattooing and when i am not tattooing, I am usually outdoors. However, I have dabbled in painting which I enjoy and I have created the artworks for a number of NFT's. 


What do you get up to when you aren't tattooing?


I enjoy a lot of adrenaline/ adventure style activities when I’m not tattooing. Riding bikes, scuba diving, fishing... anything that involves getting outdoors and amongst it.


What's the best advice you'd give someone looking to start collecting some quality tattoo art?


Don’t get deterred by a bit of a waiting list when you are booking. If an artist is booked out, there’s a reason for it! They are highly sought after and you know you will receive a quality piece. Pricing, friend’s recommendations, and an aesthetic Instagram feed should all be considered, but if they can get you in quickly, then alarm bells should ring.  It means they’re doing something wrong in this busy industry and common sense suggests that they must not be that good or professional, to make people want to come back. Waiting lists are a good thing if you want a quality tattoo. 

Doddy Tattoos
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