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Dylan has been an apprentice at Loco for almost two years. He has a natural affinity for tattooing and is leagues above many other apprentices at his experience level. Dylan learns under Sean and Doddy and whilst his preferred style is Geometric, he is awesome at realism too

Tattoo Apprentice Dylan
Tattoo apprentice Dylan's work samples
Tattoo apprentice Dylan's work samples
Dylan Tattoo portfolio
dylan tattoo portfolio



How long have you been apprenticing at the studio for?

I've been apprenticing at Loco for a year and a half now

Where did you grow up & what where you doing before being an apprentice ?

I was born in Melbourne but grew up on the Gold Coast. Before starting my apprenticeship I was a Chef, running the kitchen in a popular Mexican restaurant in Broadbeach

Are you a self taught artist or are you learning to draw now you are in a studio?

Before I started my apprenticeship I was drawing alot of geo/ sacred geometry stuff which I taught myself. Now that I'm at Loco Sean and Doddy have taught me how to draw realism, which I had never really drawn before and now I am really enjoying it. It's really cool to start a piece and see it all come together once its finished

What is your favourite style of tattooing you would like to learn and specialise in?

Geometric, dot work, heavy blackwork and definitely realism.

What art mediums do you do?

Graphite pencil drawings, dotwork geometric pieces. Used to do a bit of graffiti too but not so much of that now

What's the best advice you'd give someone looking to get into the industry?

Draw! Draw everything, draw different styles and broaden your skills. Work hard and expect to be pushed hard

dylan tattoo apprentice portfolio
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