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With over 15 years experience in tattooing, Sean Loco is one of the most respected and sought after tattoo artists on the Gold Coast.  He is a member of Melbourne Tattoo Supplies Pro Team and is recognised in the industry for his expertise in realism and for his unrivalled talent at portrait tattoos!


Sean is also the owner/operator of Loco Tattoo and a senior artist, specialising in black and grey realism and large scale tattoo pieces. His experience and artistic ability allows him to bring any concept to life. Scroll down to learn more about Sean, our portrait master!


Sean Loco- owner and senior artist at Loco


Sean Loco Tattoo portfolio
Sean Loco Tattoo portfolio
Sean Loco Tattoo portfolio

Sean Loco

Portrait Realism

How long have you been professionally tattooing for?

Ive been tattooing professionally for about 15 years now and I'm still loving it! The tattoo industry has changed so much in that time & for the better. All of the techniques and styles have changed immensely and everyone is putting out top quality art.

Where did you grow up? And how long have you been tattooing in QLD?

I grew up in Alice Springs. I started tattooing out there after I completed my sign writing apprenticeship and I fell straight into tattooing and haven't looked back since. It was hard going at the start having to teach myself how to tattoo but I was determined to master the craft!

Did you do an apprenticeship or are you self taught??

I did an apprenticeship kinda haha! It was a while ago, when the industry standards weren't so strict. The shop I was in was very very dodgy. The top tattooist who I was supposed to be learning from was always sleeping on the couch or not there, so I pretty much taught myself. 

What is your favourite tattoo that you've done or what style of tattooing do you prefer doing?

My favourite tattoos to do are portraits, especially family members. It just hits different with clients when they really love and appreciate the piece. The personal connection is priceless. My favourite tattoo was on this dude where I tattooed his two kids in one session on his chest. He sat like a rock had perfect skin and was so happy at the end. Those moments make everything worth it. 

Do you practice any other art mediums besides tattooing?

I love airbrushing. I'm self taught in this also and it has required a lot of hours and a mixture of trial and error and YouTube tutorials!  I am very confident with the airbrush now and have completed some massive murals, including the one inside our studio. 

What do you get up to when you aren't tattooing??

When I'm not tattooing I am a family guy! I enjoy chilling with the kids and watching movies or cooking on the smoker over the weekend and banging out a boss ass brisket for everyone ;)

What's the best advice you'd give someone looking to start collecting some quality tattoo pieces?

DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!! Shop around and find an artist that has done similar work to what you are wanting to get done. Always touch base with them via email to get a feel if they are reliable and friendly. Be organised with your references and descriptions and you should have a very positive good experience getting tattooed....especially at LOCO! 

Sean Loco Tattoo portfolio
Sean Loco Tattoo portfolio
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