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Ryan "Lofi" Loffhagen

Ryan Loffhagen tattoos under the banner, "Nothing From Nowhere". He is a master in the art of tattooing and has fine tuned his craft to bring realism pieces to life.  He is the artist to contact if you're looking for black and grey or colour realism, especially those featuring animals and scenery. With 14 years of tattooing experience under his belt, Ryan is beyond proficient in all styles of tattooing.

Ryan Loffhagen colour tattoo
Loffy Tattoo portfolio
Loffy Tattoo Portfolio

Ryan- Nothing from Nowhere


Ryan Loffhagen tattooing

How long have you been tattooing for?

I've been professionally tattooing for almost 14 years

Where did you grow up and how long have you been tattooing in QLD for?

I was born and bred in a small southern town in New Zealand called Timaru.  After leaving there at 18 and living in the North Island for a couple years I decided to make the move to Qld in 2012. 

Did you complete an apprenticeship or are you self taught?

After a year of apprentice duties I furthered my training in a junior artist position for another 2 years.


What is your preferred style of tattooing?

I have a background in tattooing most styles however I prefer to tattoo black and grey realism style with a focus on animals and scenery designs.  More recently I have been working on some colour realism projects and would love to do more in the future.


Do you practice any mediums besides tattooing?

In my spare time I like to paint portraits and scenery with oils and find the skills developed transfer back tattooing really well.


What do you like to do when you're not tattooing?

When i'm not tattooing I'm enjoying time with my family or training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


What is the best advice you'd give to someone looking to start collecting quality tattoo art?

The best advice for someone looking to start collecting tattoos is be fussy about who you choose to do the tattoo.... but once you've found that person, give them artistic freedom with your ideas.  Don't be overly fussy and take the magic out of creating an epic piece of art that will stand out and be unique.

Loffy Tattoo
Loffy Tattoo
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