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Taylor worked at Loco for years as our office manager and has transitioned into an apprentice role, where she has been producing mind blowing tattoos for over two years. Taylor has always had a passion for art and prior to her apprenticeship, she focused on body painting that saw her transform herself in to iconic pop culture characters. Taylor's incredible artistic skills have made her transition in to tattooing absolutely seemless. She is one to watch! 

Taylor body art 1
Taylor body art



How long have you been apprenticing at Loco Tattoo for? 


I have been an apprentice at Loco Tattoo for over two years now and have experience in all styles of tattooing, including colour, realism and black and grey.


Where did you grow up & what where you doing before being an apprentice?

I was born and raised in New Zealand, and made the big move to Australia in 2011. Before working at Loco, I was in hospitality, working at Draculas Cabernet Restaurant as a Voo Doo vampire/witch 


Are you a self thought artist or are you learning to draw now you are in a studio?


To be honest, a bit of both! I had been drawing since I was a kid but I really didn’t know what I was capable of until I was the Loco manager/receptionist. I had picked up a TON of tips and tricks from the artists at Loco Tattoo and it really helped me sharpen my skills & improve my work.


What is your favourite style of tattooing you would like to learn and specialise in?

Realism, for sure!


What art mediums do you do?

Graphite on paper, oil and acrylic paints on canvas and charcoal drawings as well as special FX makeup and face/body painting

What's the best advice you'd give someone looking to get into the industry.


Draw, draw and DRAW. You can never have too much practice.

Apprentice Taylor's artwork


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