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Nate is an incredibly talented black and grey senior artist who specialises in traditional and realism, but is highly skilled in all styles of tattooing. He tattoos under the name @natstattooer. Check out some of his epic work below!

Nate tattoo portfolio
Nate tattoo portfolio
Nate tattoo portfolio
Nate tattoo portfolio
Nate tattoo portfolio
Nate tattoo portfolio



How long have you been tattooing for?

I have been tattooing professionally for five years including my apprenticeship.


Where did you grow up and how long have you been tattooing in QLD for?

I was born in Phillip Island, Victoria but I grew up on the Gold Coast. I am very much a local goldy boy.


Did you do an apprenticeship or are you self taught?

At first I was a self taught Tattooer until I cracked my first apprenticeship and took things more seriously, which led me to be where I am at now.


What is your favourite tattoo that you have completed OR what is your favourite tattoo style?

I don’t have a particular favourite piece that I have done, but I would say any full front or back piece is up there.  I love doing big work. My favourite style would be black and grey realism.


Do you do any other artistic mediums?

I first started doing graffiti as a teenager and that led me to tattooing, In the past when my style was more traditional I have spent countless hours painting in that style but right now I am solely focused on improving my realism tattooing .


What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time recently I have taken up skydiving as a sport and I like to travel when I can, apart from that I prefer to be tattooing  all the time!


What is your best advice to someone looking to start collecting quality tattoo work?

My best advice to somebody looking to collect or start a piece would be to do some research into what style you like, look at different artists work and ask people with good tattoos where they go, and to be original as you can with your ideas.

Nate tattoo artist
Nate tattoo portfolio
Nate tattoo portfolio
Nate tattoo portfolio
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